Pets Place

Pets Place, part of IJsvogel Retail, is a retailer who is selling pet food and care necessities via ecommerce and 180 physical store locations. Due to new pure ecommerce players entering the market growing or even keep their market share became a serious challenge for Pets Place. It was time to rethink their brand positioning and marketing strategy.

Together with the IJsvogel Retail marketing team The Valley developed a new marketing strategy. In that process the brand promise, execution of a loyalty program and offering relevant content during the customer journey and Pet life cycle were key items. And it became clear that really knowing the Pets was important to serve relevant content.    

After a scan of their IT infrastructure and existing data sources a roadmap was developed. For an easy start and the ability for the IJsvogel Retail organization to learn and grow into the new situation it was decided to start with a Minimum Viable Product (MVP). This was the Nominow customer data platform connected to Magento webshop, BlueRetail point of sales, Copernica email service platform, Qlik business intelligence and a Loyalty App developed by The Valley.  

Actual customer behavior in the Pets Place webshop or physical store is added to the Nominow single customer view and used to trigger the marketing campaigns. The customers are now receiving personalized offers and content based on behavior, transactional history and their Pets lifecycle.    

This relevance in communication with their customers really pays off for Pets Place. The order value for customers who are member of the ‘VIP club’ loyalty program is on average 66% higher than for customer who are no member.

CDP for Marketers

You know there’s a lot of market intelligence scattered around in your organisation. But somehow it remains a challenge to get the whole picture, an integrated and actionable insight into what your target groups are up to. Nominow has been developed to solve that issue for you.

CDP for IT

Everyone in your organisation has specific needs when it comes to software solutions. And you have the thankful task to manage and integrate all these applications. Rest assured; Nominow easily integrates with your IT-environment and connects with other applications seamlessly.

CDP for Sales

Ever had the issue where the customer database was not up-to-date? Where you didn’t know if database A or B had the most recent data? We know, we have all been there. That is why Nominow implements a single source of truth for your customer data. Finally.


Managing Customer Data is a serious responsibility. From the 5th of May 2018 the GDPR legislation is in effect. This gives your Customers the right to see, limit of even delete their data. And above all you must be able to show an explicit consent. The Nominow customer data platform is a perfect solution to deal with this.

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