Higher ROI

Nearly all Customer Data Platforms provide the capability to apply online, cross-channel personalization for each unique customer. This results in higher average customer value and an improved customer experience.
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A 360 customer view leads to actionable insights

A comprehensive, holistic customer profile is made available to other systems and multiple departments within the organization, including offline channels. This aids in creating the best customer experience.

Set up your own campaigns

User-friendliness for marketers is a priority to reduce dependence on IT. With the Flowbuilder and its drag-and-drop functionality, campaigns can be easily automated and set up, empowering marketers to create and manage campaigns with ease.
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Our customers

Pet Place5x

Ontdek hoe we Pets Place hebben geholpen

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‘Door niet alleen de baasjes maar ook hun huisdieren te kennen zijn wij maximaal relevant voor klanten’

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Other cases

FC Utrecht4x

FC Utrecht

An award-winning data-driven experience for the FC Utrecht fan

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Nike Team5x (1)


Nominow: the indispensable link serving Nike retailers and clubs around the world

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Tommy Hilfiger5x

Tommy Hilfiger

Endless segmentation possibilities for Tommy Hilfiger

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Van Gogh5x (1)

Van Gogh Museum

A 360 customer profile for one of the top art museums in the Netherlands

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A Customer Data Platform what…?!?

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Order in the data chaos with a Customer Data Platform (CDP)

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