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Nominow's UI for non-tech users


Martijn de Reeper

4 min read

Jouw Digitale Transformatiestrategi E Is Kansloos Zonder Cdp5x
Jouw Digitale Transformatiestrategi E Is Kansloos Zonder Cdp4x

For professionals dealing with vast amounts of customer data, the interface bridging them to this wealth of information must be intuitive, efficient, and above all, effective. Nominow’s user interface is designed with these imperatives in mind, granting businesses the power to connect, sync, and sync data with precision and ease.

Let's dive into the core features that make Nominow’s UI an unparalleled business tool for customer insight.

Easy access to customer insights

Single Customer View: Comprehensive insight in a snapshot

The Single Customer View is where complexity meets clarity, offering users a complete, at-a-glance portrait of each customer. Enriched with calculated tags for in-depth analysis, this feature presents a clear, actionable customer profile. The result? A deeper understanding that drives strategic business decisions, all accessible through a singular, streamlined view.

Smart Segmentation: Filter to precision

Nominow’s UI brings the ease of segmentation to the forefront, where creating detailed customer segments is as simple as a few well-thought-of clicks. Filter through the extensive customer data with unparalleled ease to identify and group your audience by distinct behaviors and preferences. Either create one-off segmentations and sync them with channels like Meta, Google or your marketing automation platform or have segments continuously synced to them. This functionality enables marketers to swiftly adapt and customize their initiatives, maximizing relevance and engagement.

Drag-and-Drop Dashboarding: Get deep insights with ease

Data visualization is critical for digesting complex information. With Nominow’s drag-and-drop dashboarding, users can create tailored dashboards without the hassle typically associated with custom analytics. This intuitive feature invites users to translate data into visually engaging and easy-to-understand dashboards, enabling quick comprehension and immediate action. Making insights accessible and actionable for all stakeholders. Prefer using your data visualization tool or want a simple CSV extract based on the most up-to-date customer information? We got you covered.


The Nominow UI goes beyond traditional data interaction, offering a seamless experience that harmonizes the depth of data with the demand for a straightforward, user-friendly approach. It holds solution-oriented screens that businesses can use to leverage the full spectrum of customer insights. With Nominow, the power of informed decision-making is placed firmly in the hands of the user, ensuring that every strategic move is backed by solid data intelligence.

Jouw Digitale Transformatiestrategi E Is Kansloos Zonder Cdp5x

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Nominow's UI for non-tech users

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