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Holistic Customer View

Stitch any data from your linked (legacy) systems into individual customer profiles, whether it's from sales, service, operations, marketing, etc. Understand your customers on a deeper level and use this insight to improve personalization and customer engagement.

Calculate Actionable Insights

Transform data into actionable insights through algorithms and calculated tags, uncovering everything there is to know about your customers. Utilize these insights in your hyper-personalization efforts.
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Segment Builder Platform

Smart Segmentations

Leverage previously undiscovered customer insights to create new segments with ease, enabling more effective marketing campaigns. Ensure these updated segments are continuously synced with your activation tools in real-time to optimize engagement

Automated Data Cleansing

Employ business rules and (phonetic) algorithms to automatically cleanse customer data. Use scoring for auto-resolving duplicates or manual review when needed, ensuring clean and enriched data across your organization.
Data Cleansing Platform

What sets Nominow apart

  • Nominow holds a robust engine for (probabilistic) matching and deduplication, ensuring unified, high-quality customer data across the organization, including the data warehouse.
  • Nominow can synchronize data with external systems in (near-) real time. It ensures that all systems have access to the latest customer information.
  • Nominow enables real-time data processing with a configurable no-code engine, streamlining data flows to deliver relevant customer information instantly.
  • Nominow’s dispatcher consumes data from external data sources. This is especially useful in cases where systems are not able to send information to Nominow.

Why Data, MarTech and CX teams choose us

Data Teams

A unified ecosystem is crucial for efficient & reliable data management. Enhance models with a holistic customer view.

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MarTech Teams

A unified customer data solution is essential for efficient marketing. Increase efficiency and enhance existing systems.

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CX Teams

A unified data solution is essential for optimal customer experiences. Gain end-to-end customer journey control.

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Leveraging deep customer insights for personalized campaigns

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Order in the data chaos with a Customer Data Platform (CDP)

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