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FC Utrecht scores online with its supporters

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Philip Kok

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What is the club up to?

The smell of freshly cut grass, the emotions during the match, the friendships and the beer afterwards. All elements for which the supporters come to the stadium year after year. It creates real contact and a unique experience that sets their club apart from all other clubs and creates a lifelong bond. Real contact and a unique experience, that's what FC Utrecht wants to offer its supporters online.

But how do you do that without all those physical sensations that you are presented with during the match in the Galgenwaard?

Real contact starts with knowing your supporters

FC Utrecht knows that if you really want to connect with your supporters online, you need to know what drives them, what their interests are. And preferably from each individual supporter. Because only then can you give them information at the moments that you have online contact that perfectly matches their wishes: personal, relevant and appropriate to the moment and the situation. Although the club already has a lot of information about its supporters, it is fragmented across the various data sources.

So the question is how she can combine these sources and extract useful and directly applicable information from them.

A consistent, relevant customer journey

With the Nominow Customer Data Platform (CDP), we bring together all data from the various sources and combine it into a 360° fan image of each individual supporter. With this fan image, FC Utrecht can serve all its supporters online even better and, above all, faster with personalized texts, images and offers.

In this way the club shows that it really knows its supporters and the supporters feel valued by their favorite club during every customer interaction. With the continuously updated 360° fan image, Nominow also offers the club the convenience of directly applying the data in all digital contact moments, creating a consistent and relevant customer journey.

Nominow in operation, a few examples

The Nominow Customer Data Platform is versatile and supports FC Utrecht in various ways in personal communication with its (potential) supporters. A few examples to give you an idea of ​​how FC Utrecht uses Nominow:

Anticipating trends

The most important information provided by the CDP has to do with trends: with the built-up central customer profiles, the club can anticipate and adapt to the behavior of supporters. The speed with which Nominow works is ideal for this. For example, thanks to Nominow, FC Utrecht can communicate the various grant offers for all kinds of cardholders at exactly the right time.

Edit and compare data to avoid mistakes

Online communication is fast, and that is exactly the intention. But you should always keep in mind that this speed does not negatively affect the quality of the communication. Sometimes the processed data may be one hundred percent correct, but it can still turn out wrong. For example, if a seasoned supporter creates a new email address, they don't want to be welcomed to the club as a new member. The customer profiles drawn up by the Nominow CDP and the comparison of these help FC Utrecht to avoid these kinds of mistakes.

Respond quickly to unexpected events

The data we generate with the Nominow Customer Data Platform enables FC Utrecht to independently and quickly send highly refined emails to specific groups of supporters via deep segmentation. For example, if something changes prior to a match, which often happens, then this must be passed on to the supporters immediately. This communication is also fully personalized for an appropriate and consistent customer experience. This makes them feel extra valued by the club, even if the communication has to do with an unexpected event that is not necessarily positive.

Generating interest from potential new supporters

Deep and fast segmentation, in addition to existing supporters, also has value in addressing potential new interested parties. For example, the 'supporters of the future', the youth who are involved in football or who are directly involved in the football world. FC Utrecht introduces children, teenagers and young adults to the club through e-sports events and school days. The club can then approach these youth, with the consent of the parents, via Nominow online in a personal and relevant manner.

Organization-wide commitment Nominow

The data processing of Nominow Customer Data Platform (CDP) has given FC Utrecht a solid foundation to continue to build on. Because the club has full control over the rapid data segmentation, the platform has the potential for an organization-wide deployment. For example for social issues. For example, through deep segmentation FC Utrecht can make contact with supporters who could possibly use help when visiting a match. Think of the elderly or people with disabilities for whom the club has reserved special places in the stadium. The communication can then be focused on this quickly and accurately.

The ultimate digital experience

The Customer Data Platforms work is far from done. The ultimate goal is to use Nominow CDP to obtain insights from data for every department within the FC Utrecht organization and for every social area in which the club is active. Little by little, the ultimate digital experience for all FC Utrecht supporters is getting closer and closer.

Want to know more about the Nominow Customer Data Platform? Make an appointment directly with one of our specialists for a consultation if you want to know what Nominow can do for your organization.

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