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Nominow launches its newest beta release Customer Data Platform

Logo Nominow
Logo Nominow

Nominow launches its newest beta release Customer Data Platform

Nominow announced its recent Customer Data Platform beta release. The CDP has been developed in the past eight years and has become a trusted data leader in real-time customer data orchestration for clients such as Tommy Hilfiger, Calvin Klein, FC Utrecht, Boerenbond, Van Gogh Museum, Filmhuis Den Haag, Nike Team, SDU, GVB and recently Jaarbeurs was added to the portfolio.

Nominow Customer Data Platform offers a state-of-the-art technology solution for the siloed customer data across marketing, sales and customer service teams on the client-side. These siloes have made the customer experience disjointed and inefficient. Especially post-pandemic. The ecosystem of data and technologies behind these experiences is rarely based on a single platform. Nominow Customer Data Platform gives marketers control over customer data collection, segmentation and orchestration through plug and play integrations that rarely require IT or developer involvement. In recent years Customer Data Platforms have become crucial in the MarTech stack, but a big opportunity remains to maximize their full range of benefits for teams like customer service and sales

Edward Hoogeveen (co-founder Nominow): "Clients can now connect to custom destinations, transform data, automate workflows, and launch new use cases faster with simple code. A huge step forward in usability".

The Valley expects triple-digit growth in the coming years since Customer Data Platforms streamline customer data integration by providing plug and play (or native) connectors for many MarTech systems, including CRMs, DMPs, and marketing automation platforms DSPs, and campaign analytics and offline sources. Most marketing organizations have assembled a marketing stack containing many of these types of platforms, but integrating the data in the martech ecosystem is a huge challenge. Nominow Customer Data Platform offers the perfect solution for that. 

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