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How NGenAI works – A technical perspective


Martijn de Reeper

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A customer data analyst at your fingertips

Where we believe data should underpin any strategic decision-making, the introduction of NGenAI signifies a transformative step forward. This beta distinguishes itself by not just processing large datasets but by converting them into actionable business insights and making them easy to access.

Below, we dive into the technologies that NGenAI uses to act as a critical asset for data-driven strategies.

6 Core technologies combined

1. Nominow: The underlying infrastructure of NGenAI

The capabilities of NGenAI are built upon the solid foundation provided by Nominow's Customer Data Platform. Specializing in refining any form of data from any system into a structured, enriched format, Nominow prepares the groundwork for NGenAI's analysis, ensuring insights are both precise and strategically aligned.


2. Utilizing RAG for Depth and Precision in Insights

At the core of NGenAI's capabilities is the Retrieval-Augmented Generation (RAG) technology. This innovative approach combines retrieval-based and generative AI models, providing dynamic access and synthesis of information from a broad knowledge base, the client’s customer database. The precision and relevance of insights delivered by RAG ensure that businesses receive highly accurate data to guide strategic decisions.


3. Integrating Groq's Language Processing Unit™️

In the dynamic space of customer data, the value of speed parallels that of accuracy. Through the integration with Groq's Language Processing Unit™️ (LPU), NGenAI achieves unmatched processing speeds. This collaboration ensures quick analysis of data and generation of insights, allowing businesses to respond instantly to evolving customer behaviour and needs.


4. Using a Multi-Agent System for Comprehensive Analysis

NGenAI works with a multi-agent system, enabling a collective approach to complex data analysis. This system resembles a group of experts, each contributing specialized insights to form a holistic understanding of the data. Such collaborative intelligence significantly enriches the decision-making process with nuanced, multifaceted insights.


5. Leveraging Multiple Large Language Models (LLMs)

NGenAI enhances its analytical depth by utilizing multiple Large Language Models (LLMs), each selected for their proficiency in different domains. This strategy ensures that various components of an inquiry are addressed by the most capable LLM, driving the synthesis of insights that are not just accurate but exceptionally nuanced and contextually relevant.


6. Interactive and Intuitive ChatGPT-like UI

To simplify access to its analysis, NGenAI features a user interface similar to the well-known ChatGPT UI. This intuitive design allows users to interact with NGenAI conversationally, simplifying the extraction of complex insights. The ease of use ensures that strategic data is accessible across organizational levels, empowering decision-makers without requiring deep technical expertise.


NGenAI represents a strategic leap in data analysis, providing businesses with a tool that not only navigates but also provides easy access to the complexity of big data.

By combining RAG technology, Groq’s LPU, multi-agent system, diversified LLM’s, and Nominow's master data management excellence, NGenAI goes beyond the capabilities of traditional analytics platforms. It offers an innovative approach for businesses seeking to harness data for informed decision-making, ensuring strategies are proactive, insights are actionable, and competitive edges are sharpened.

The introduction of NGenAI will start a new age in strategic planning and execution, where clarity and agility in understanding market dynamics, customer behaviour, and competitive landscapes are not aspirational but achievable realities.

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About Nominow

Nominow, part of Assist Digital, is a leading operational Customer Data Platform that helps businesses bridge their systems and start scaling customer intimacy by utilizing high-quality first-party data.

With 25 years of experience in data, marketing technology, and customer experience, Nominow consolidates all customer data and converts it into actionable insights that are directly applicable to marketing, service, and sales purposes. This helps businesses make smarter decisions and better connect with their customers.

Major brands such as Tommy Hilfiger, NIKE, Calvin Klein, the Van Gogh Museum, and Jaarbeurs rely on Nominow to keep their customer insights up to date across their entire business.

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