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Why We're Bringing NGenAI to Nominow


Martijn de Reeper

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The Challenge with Today's Customer Data

In an ideal scenario, having direct insights into customer desires and behaviors would improve engagement strategies and significantly increase sales performance.

However, the reality is far more complex.

Professionals that deal with customer data often find themselves in a continuous search for actionable data. This journey involves navigating through a complex landscape of technology, dedicating substantial time to low-quality data from disparate sources, and frequently pushing campaign launches that fail to meet expectations. This recurring scenario has become a familiar, most likely discouraging, thing in business.

A New Chapter with NGenAI

Recognizing the complexities and inefficiencies in current data processes, we sought a solution that goes beyond these boundaries. So we are building NGenAI, an innovative addition to Nominow.

NGenAI is not just another feature in the platform; it represents a shift in how data analysis and application are done. Leveraging the data management foundation of Nominow, NGenAI is designed to redefine the customer landscape.

How NGenAI works – A technical perspective

What to expect on release from NGenAI

AI-driven Insights

NGenAI serves as an advanced data analysis partner, delivering critical insights for your customer strategies with remarkable speed. This tool equips you with the necessary information to understand your customers within milliseconds.


AI-driven Segmentation

By aggregating customer data from across your organization, NGenAI facilitates a level of segmentation previously unattainable. This capability enables the creation of highly personalized customer experiences, enhancing engagement and loyalty.


AI-driven Dashboards created on the fly

As companies understand their customers more and more, the insights gained from this data should be made easy to comprehend. By having NGenAI work with you to create dashboards that represent these insights, you can inform everyone in your organization with ease.


Operational Efficiency

With NGenAI, the reliance on data or technical teams will be significantly reduced, granting people who deal with customer data the autonomy to make informed decisions rapidly. This autonomy creates an environment where campaigns and customer interactions are not only timely but also more impactful and aligned with customer expectations.

Why NGenAI will work - The Vital Role of Quality Data in AI

At the heart of NGenAI's promise is the accuracy and contextuality of its training data — this is where Nominow excels.

Serving as the backbone, Nominow ensures NGenAI is fueled by clean, enriched, and first-party data that is comprehensive and well-structured. This synergy facilitates NGenAI with the ability to offer rapid, deeply insightful analytics based on a unified customer view.

It's this integration of Nominow's data harmonization and NGenAI's analytical capabilities that transform customer engagement, enabling personalized experiences and insights that not only meet but surpass customer expectations.

In doing so, Nominow and NGenAI together redefine the landscape of customer intimacy and engagement, leveraging challenges into strategic opportunities.

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NGenAI's Features

  • Instant Insights: Forget about waiting for up-to-date customer info. NGenAI keeps everything current, so you can make decisions based on what's happening right now.

  • Deeper Customer Understanding: Using Nominow's advanced data management capabilities, NGenAI creates relations between data from different sources in ways we could only dream of before, opening up new possibilities for personalization.

  • User-Friendly Interface: Designed with simplicity and efficiency in mind, NGenAI's interface enables straightforward access to data, mirroring the ease of a conversation. This approach ensures that insights are readily available, without the need for complex queries or technical expertise.

Looking Ahead with NGenAI

NGenAI within Nominow will turn challenges into opportunities and make customer interactions more effective than ever. This is not just a possibility; it's within reach. Nominow and NGenAI enable teams to achieve more, engage customers on a deeper level, and explore new horizons for ROI.

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About Nominow

Nominow, part of Assist Digital, is a leading operational Customer Data Platform that helps businesses bridge their systems and start scaling customer intimacy by utilizing high-quality first-party data.

With 25 years of experience in data, marketing technology, and customer experience, Nominow consolidates all customer data and converts it into actionable insights that are directly applicable to marketing, service, and sales purposes. This helps businesses make smarter decisions and better connect with their customers.

Major brands such as Tommy Hilfiger, NIKE, Calvin Klein, the Van Gogh Museum, and Jaarbeurs rely on Nominow to keep their customer insights up to date across their entire business.

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How NGenAI works – A technical perspective

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