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Press Release NGenAI: Revolutionary Innovation from Nominow for Customer Insights, in collaboration with Jaarbeurs & Groq


Martijn de Reeper

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Amsterdam, April 8, 2024 - Nominow, part of Assist Digital, a leading player in the field of operational Customer Data Platforms, launches the beta version of Nominow GenAI, the first product in a series of groundbreaking AI solutions designed to enhance customer insights on a large scale and make these accessible for every user.

In collaboration with Jaarbeurs, a leading global exhibition and convention centre, and Groq, a leading AI solutions company delivering world’s first Language Processing Unit™, Nominow is currently undergoing tests of this innovation before the functionality is made widely available to the public.

Key Features of NGenAI

  • Personal Customer Data Analyst: NGenAI offers a natural way to interact with customer data. Now, all team members within marketing, sales, and service can quickly and easily ask questions and obtain direct insights from the current and enriched data platform.

  • Contextual and safe: The new GenAI feature is seamlessly integrated with Nominow's advanced data management capabilities, providing customers direct access to actionable and unique customer insights within a closed, safe, and reliable system.

Pilot NGenAI

Jaarbeurs and Nominow officially started their collaboration with NGenAI through a kick-off session, where the Jaarbeurs employees got their first hands-on experience with the AI and a quiz to fact-check customer insights via the AI. Jaarbeurs will work closely with Nominow to develop the solution further, with AI-driven segmentations and dashboarding as first next steps.

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‘'With AI as the driving technology, we look forward to a future where smart insights form the basis for growth and success for both Jaarbeurs and our customers.'’

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Jaarbeurs' Vision on NGenAI

"Jaarbeurs embraces the power of AI within the CDP to not only collect data but also transform it into valuable insights. By deploying AI, we aim to enrich our organisation with analytics and predictive capabilities, allowing us to not only anticipate customer needs but also create innovative experiences.

With AI as the driving technology, we look forward to a future where smart insights form the basis for growth and success for both Jaarbeurs and our customers." says Rogier van de Hoef, Chief Product Owner Digital at Jaarbeurs.

Groq on NGenAI

"Nominow is a great example of applying AI to data for real world business applications and Groq is excited to see how they take advantage of our LPU based infrastructure, engineered to advance use cases like Nominow," said Groq Chief Tech Evangelist Mark Heaps. "Innovators and developers like them continue to bring novel methods from customer data that can then stand apart competitively thanks to the speed and performance of our inference engine."

About Nominow

Nominow, part of Assist Digital, is a leading operational Customer Data Platform that helps businesses bridge their systems and start scaling customer intimacy by utilizing high-quality first-party data.

With 25 years of experience in data, marketing technology, and customer experience, Nominow consolidates all customer data and converts it into actionable insights that are directly applicable to marketing, service, and sales purposes. This helps businesses make smarter decisions and better connect with their customers.

Major brands such as Tommy Hilfiger, NIKE, Calvin Klein, the Van Gogh Museum, and Jaarbeurs rely on Nominow to keep their customer insights up to date across their entire business.

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