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The Real reason businesses aren't hearing you


Martijn de Reeper

4 min read

Waarom Data Cruciaal Is Voor Digitale Transformatie In Sales5x
Waarom Data Cruciaal Is Voor Digitale Transformatie In Sales4x (1)

You'd think with all the tech we have, companies would totally get what their customers are saying. But there's a glitch in the system, and it's not as techy as you might think. Let’s dive into why businesses are playing catch-up with their customers.

Lost in Translation

Imagine every customer is a puzzle piece. Companies are trying to create a perfect picture, but the pieces are scattered across emails, in-store visits, support chats, and who knows where else. They're scrambling to put it all together, but without the box top, they're not quite sure what the big picture is supposed to look like.

The Static Noise

Now, let's say they've gathered all these pieces. The trouble is, some pieces are worn out, some don't quite fit, and others are from a totally different puzzle. That's the data companies are looking at, trying to make sense of who their customers are and what they really want. It's like trying to tune into a radio station with a lot of static—frustrating and a bit hit or miss (yes, some cars still have this).

The Race Against Time

Picture this: a customer's about to click 'buy', but then they have a question. In the time it takes for the business to get back to them, the customer's moved on. Businesses are often one beat behind, like always catching the tail end of the conversation. They need to go from slowpoke to go-go if they're going to keep up with the speed of today's customers.

The Untouched Toolbox

Imagine having a whole shed of shiny tools and no idea how to use them. That's kind of what's happening in some companies. They've got the latest tech, but it's just sitting there. It's like buying a quantum computer just to use it as a paperweight. What a waste, right?

Growing Pains

Remember when you were a kid and suddenly none of your clothes fit anymore? Businesses have growth spurts too. They start out small and manageable, but as they get bigger, their old ways of doing things start to pinch and poke. They need new tools and systems that can grow with them, so they're not tripping over their own laces.

The Personal Touch

Getting close to customers is great, but nobody wants someone reading over their shoulder. That’s the fine line businesses are trying to walk with legislation. They need to be friendly and personal without making it weird. It's about knowing someone's coffee order without asking who they texted last night.

The bottom line?

So, what's the bottom line? Businesses want to listen—they really do. It's just that listening is part art, part science, and all about understanding. They're learning, though. And with a little patience and the right approach, they'll start to tune in to what customers are saying loud and clear.

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