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One connected on- and offline journey

Jaarbeurs partnered with Nominow to streamline customer interactions across 80+ events annually. Utilizing Nominow's Customer Data Platform, Jaarbeurs integrated diverse data sources for a comprehensive customer view. 

This collaboration enhanced operational efficiency and personalized customer engagement, reinforcing Jaarbeurs' commitment to innovation and service excellence in the event management industry.

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Customer data sources turned into one Single Customer View

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Connected on-/offline visitor & exhibitor journey

About Jaarbeurs

Jaarbeurs is a renowned Dutch exhibition and convention centre. Founded in 1916, it has become a hub for trade fairs, events, and conferences, emphasizing innovation and excellence in service. Jaarbeurs provides state-of-the-art facilities and expert event management, fostering an environment where industries can connect, grow, and succeed.

The Challenge

Jaarbeurs deals with a large number of visitors and exhibitors across 80+ fairs and events per year. Establishing a Single Customer View in such a complex environment with online and offline touchpoints presents a major challenge. The operational resources needed to derive meaningful insights for the organization are significant.

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The Solution

Jaarbeurs worked with Nominow's operational Customer Data Platform (CDP) to combine data sources, including the Data warehouse, to extract actionable insights from visitors and exhibitors.

Nominow's platform integrated any (legacy) system, automatically cleansing and enriching customer profiles through smart algorithms. Jaarbeurs now syncs data in real time and orchestrates it across websites, offline touchpoints, and even their magazines.

The Outcome

Jaarbeurs experienced a reduction in operational burden for data analysis and increased efficiency in marketing operations. Deeper insights from visitor and exhibitor data enabled more personalized emailing, crucial due to the limited frequency of the touchpoints.

Jaarbeurs connected 11 data sources and significantly increased engagement rates. This integrated customer data landscape exemplifies their commitment to innovation and service excellence.

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