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Leveraging deep customer insights for personalized campaigns

Nike TEAM, in collaboration with the French Football Federation (FFF), utilized Nominow to launch targeted email campaigns celebrating France's 2018 World Cup victory. These campaigns, customized based on club details and location, achieved significant engagement with amateur clubs, resulting in over 6000 additional orders at 130 retailers.

This success surpassed the FFF's targets and highlighted the power of personalized marketing in the sports industry.

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About Nike TEAM

Nike TEAM, a division of Nike Football, specializes in Team Sales and operates in 26 territories worldwide, including France. Known for strategic partnerships, Nike TEAM collaborates with organizations such as the French Football Federation (FFF) to promote football at all levels.

The Challenge

Following France's victorious 2018 World Cup campaign, the FFF aimed to acknowledge the support of the national football community and strengthen its position against competitors. Nike and the FFF sought to energize amateur football through gear-centric campaigns.


The Solution

Tailored email campaigns were created specifically for France's registered amateur clubs, considering factors such as club colors, geography, and size. These campaigns included digital vouchers for nearby retailers. Nominow played a crucial role in orchestrating these campaigns, providing real-time insights and ensuring their success.

The initial campaign involved sending 60,000 emails in four batches to 11 distinct segments. Within the first four weeks, an impressive 47% of recipients claimed their vouchers.

The Outcome

The strategic email initiative exceeded the FFF's expectations by generating 6000 additional orders across 130 retailers. This achievement showcased the effectiveness of personalized marketing in the sports industry.

The success of this campaign highlights Nike TEAM's innovative approach to digital campaigns and Nominow's ability to enhance customer engagement and drive sales.

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