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Nike TEAM's innovative shift to digitalize their traditional paper catalogue across 26 European territories via Nominow's platform has not only led to more precise, tailored offerings but also significantly increased engagement from retailers, clubs, and players.

This strategic move has optimized inventory management and ensured product offerings are in perfect alignment with both customer and club preferences, setting a new standard in the team sales market.

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About Nike TEAM

Nike TEAM is a division of Nike, the world's leading sports brand, specializing in supplying athletic wear and equipment to retailers and football clubs throughout Europe.

Renowned for its commitment to innovation, Nike TEAM has been at the forefront of digitalizing the sales experience, enhancing accessibility and convenience for its clients.

The Challenge

The digital transformation from a paper-based catalogue to an online platform presented a unique challenge for Nike TEAM. It was crucial not only to replicate the catalogue's content digitally but also to enrich the user experience by offering customized and precise product suggestions to meet the diverse requirements of their client portfolio.

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The Solution

By leveraging Nominow's Customer Data Platform, Nike TEAM seamlessly integrated their digital catalogue into

This platform effectively captures and analyzes user behaviour, preferences, and selections across different regions and clubs, significantly improving the customer journey and backend logistics.

The Outcome

The implementation of a data-driven digital catalogue has yielded remarkable results for Nike TEAM.

Enhanced engagement metrics and the ability to utilize historical data for inventory optimization have allowed Nike to accurately forecast market trends and adjust their product strategy to meet real-time demands.

These improvements have led to a streamlined product offering, better inventory control, and increased sales performance, marking a significant milestone in Nike TEAM's ongoing evolution.

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