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A 360 customer view for a publisher and course provider

Sdu, a prominent B2B information and legal solutions provider, successfully integrated a centralized customer database using Nominow to meet subscribers' demands for constant access to information.

By transitioning from an outdated ERP system to a new, flexible solution, Sdu streamlined data from over 105 websites into a single customer profile. This overhaul has improved their capacity for expansion and enhanced vendor flexibility.

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About Sdu

Sdu is a respected B2B publisher and course provider, renowned for offering specialised information and legal solutions. With a strong reputation for high-quality and reliable service, Sdu plays a crucial role in the information services industry, serving professionals who rely on up-to-date data and legal resources.

The Challenge

Sdu faced significant challenges due to its reliance on a legacy ERP system, which limited its ability to provide the 'always-on' digital access that its clients expected. To address this, Sdu needed a robust data-handling solution that could accommodate a transition to a more modern ERP system while maintaining its high standards of service delivery.

The Solution

By harnessing the capabilities of Nominow, Sdu integrated its existing Data Warehouse and CRM system with the new ERP system. Through real-time deduplication, cleansing, and data enrichment using smart algorithms, Nominow became the single source of truth for customer data. This allowed validated and enriched data to be utilized across company systems in real time.

The Outcome

The outcome of this integration was transformative for Sdu. They were able to consolidate data from over 105 websites into individual customer profiles, thanks to Nominow's infrastructure. This not only enabled Sdu to utilize customer data more effectively but also provided the flexibility to consider alternative vendors. As a result, Sdu is now well-positioned for future growth and agility in the ever-evolving digital landscape.

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