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Order in the data chaos with a Customer Data Platform (CDP)

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Philip Kok

CEO | 8 April 2022

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Businesses are increasingly driven by data. Traditional sources are rapidly making way for various digital systems: from CRM, DMP to ERP, from mobile apps to POS systems. That range of sources presents an enormous challenge: how do you maintain an overview of the individual customer and how do you ensure that this is GDPR compliant? Do you also see a proliferation of sources and do you no longer know where to find all marketing data?

You create order out of chaos with a Customer Data Platform (CDP). This is a logical, robust solution for smartly linking all data silos and for supplementing, deduplicating and cleaning customer data. With a CDP, an up-to-date 360-degree profile of individual customers is finally within reach. We are happy to tell you more about it.

What is a Customer Data Platform and what does it matter to you?

With a CDP you have access to all relevant information from your customers on one platform. This makes it easy to tailor marketing promotions to individual buyers or segments. In a Customer Data Platform, a powerful cleansing engine links, deduplicates and validates customer data from different data sources, resulting in an up-to-date 360-degree customer profile in one place. A Customer Data Platform allows you to address customers personally and to take individual preferences and purchase history into account. For example, you can quickly see which interest a customer has in your webshop and which customer has just scanned a customer card on the shop floor. Nominow's robust CDP, developed in the Netherlands, creates a 360-degree customer view based on real-time data from various sources:

  • data management platforms (DMP’s);
  • marketing automation systemen;
  • ERP-systemen and
  • cash register systems.

But also from data warehouses, websites, e-commerce shops, mobile apps and social media. With the information available in the Nominow CDP, you can effortlessly respond to any current situation in the relationship with the customer. This leads to higher customer value and faster achievement of marketing and revenue goals. Can you do that with your current systems?

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