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Nominow: Ultimate flexibility in your customer data.


Martijn de Reeper

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Vier Redenen Waarom IT Nu De Lead Moet Nemen In Het Waarborgen Van Kwaliteit En Beschikbaarheid Van Klantdata5x
Vier Redenen Waarom IT Nu De Lead Moet Nemen In Het Waarborgen Van Kwaliteit En Beschikbaarheid Van Klantdata4x (1)

Customer behaviour and the data that companies collect is becoming more and more complex. We understand that and therefore we are built for incredible flexibility and efficiency. More than just managing data, Nominow is designed to really 'get' what customers want. It comes packed with user-friendly features and an unbeatable ability to connect any system.

This makes Nominow the go-to choice for companies looking to genuinely connect with their customers, wherever they may be.

Use any system you want: Composable Architectures

At the core of Nominow's flexibility is its commitment to composable architectures. It effortlessly connects and synchronises customer data across any system within an organisation, whether they are on-prem, legacy, cloud, etc.

This seamless integration ensures that all customer data is clean, enriched, and readily available, establishing a dynamic and holistic customer profile that becomes the heartbeat of your enterprise's customer-centric operations.

The ability to listen: Hyper-personalisation at Your Fingertips

Personalisation is more than a buzzword; it's a customer expectation. Nominow excels in this area with hyper-personalisation, presenting detailed customer profiles through custom data objects in a single, accessible location.

By enabling these profiles to inform all connected systems and departments, Nominow uncovers the nuances of customer behaviour with smart algorithms, ensuring that each interaction is as individual as the customers themselves.

Effortless accessibility: Data at the speed of thought

Nominow redefines ease of access by providing an AI to 'speak' to customer data. Never has it been so easy to access customer insights.

Act on these insights by using the platform's intuitive smart segmentation builder, drag-and-drop dashboards and coding-free system integration. Put data management within reach of every team member, fostering a culture of informed decision-making and quick action.

Customisation without complication

True flexibility in a CDP also comes from the ability to customise without adding complexity. Nominow lets clients use their data structures, ensuring that the nuanced details that make each business unique are reflected and utilised within the platform. This means customer profiles can be as detailed, complete, and as flexible as needed, so you can listen to customers as they are, wherever they are.

The Nominow Edge

Nominow's distinction lies in its adaptability and flexibility:

  • Probabilistic Data Cleansing & Enrichment: Nominow takes data accuracy to a new level with advanced probabilistic methods, ensuring impeccable data quality.

  • Custom Data Objects: The platform respects the uniqueness of each business by accommodating custom data structures, adding a layer of personalisation to the data itself.

  • No-code Data Flows and System Connectivity: Whether connecting on-premises, legacy, or cloud systems, Nominow's configurable API and no-code approach make it the epitome of a connected ecosystem.

  • Generative AI: Nominow leverages generative AI capabilities, making natural language processing an asset in your data strategy.

Conclusion: Nominow - The Operational CDP for the Future

In conclusion, Nominow is not just a CDP; it is the operational backbone for organisations searching to understand their customers and aiming to facilitate personalised experiences. It stands out for its flexibility, bridging the gap between any system and providing to listen and speak to your customers as they are, as humans.

Ready to experience the power of Nominow's flexibility? It's not just a platform; it's the partner you need to truly understand your customers.

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