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A 360 degree customer view? These are the challenges and solutions

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Contemporary customers are online 24/7. Due to their experiences at large 'connected' organizations such as Uber or, they also expect a personal approach from other companies. This is only possible if you have a 360-degree customer view, because without up-to-date data about buyers and customer segments you lose the battle with the competition.

Give your customers the warm bath feeling

Klanten worden ambassadeurs van je merk zodra ze een hechte relatie hebben met jouw producten en dienstverlening: het warme-badgevoel. Los van de hogere totale klantwaarde, levert dat omzetgroei en continuïteit van de onderneming, plus inzicht in welke producten beter passen in bepaalde segmenten.

Maar verouderde data in verschillende bronnen leveren je nooit de informatie die je nodig hebt om kopers aan je te binden. En je hebt zo ook geen mogelijkheid om ze persoonlijk aan je te binden. De oplossing is een Customer Data Platform (CDP): het geeft je inzicht in individueel koopgedrag, behoeften en verwachtingen van de klant én het kan zelfs voorspellen welke producten of diensten de klant nodig heeft.

The challenges and solutions

The robust Nominow Customer Data Platform, developed in the Netherlands, answers many of the challenges entrepreneurs struggle with in their marketing strategy. These are the main challenges and solutions that the Nominow Customer Data Platform offers:

1. An outdated CRM system

An outdated CRM system cannot easily deliver customer data to other channels, such as an email marketing tool or a website. As a result, it is hardly possible to offer the customer a personal experience in which their own customer data is central. It is also not possible to return the data from those channels to the CRM system.

A Customer Data Platform (CDP) can do that: it 'feeds' the websites, social media or marketing automation tools with data that enable a personal customer experience and returns the new data to the 360-degree customer profile. A Customer Data Platform does not replace the existing CRM system, but will be seen as a source for the Customer Data Platform via a link.

2. Dependence on the IT organization

For a 360-degree customer view, it is often necessary to drastically adjust your own infrastructure. You have to link channels and data in the right way. IT departments are often hesitant to make major adjustments, because this costs a lot of extra time and investment.

With a Customer Data Platform (CDP), those adjustments are not necessary. It can be linked to the existing IT infrastructure in a relatively short period of time. This makes it the connecting link in the chain of current systems.

3. The data is in silos

A good omnichannel marketing strategy requires a lot of data about the customer interactions that take place in different channels. Data in one channel can be very valuable in another channel. Think, for example, of a customer who receives a personalized e-mail after he or she orientated himself in a webshop, or a consumer who receives an offer of a product that exactly matches a previously purchased product. That insight is hardly achievable if you only have separate data silos and channels.

A Customer Data Platform (CDP) provides the connection between those data sources and makes it much easier to personally serve a customer within an omnichannel strategy.

4. Quality of data

What happens if customer data in one data source does not match that in another data silo? Then someone who only changes a name or an e-mail address can be regarded as a new person. It can also happen that one system properly records an interaction with a customer, but does not implement it in the database of another department. As a result, the quality of the data continues to decline.

With a Customer Data Platform (CDP), data from different sources is processed centrally and is continuously deduplicated, cleaned and enriched with new data from different client-facing systems. This guarantees the highest achievable data quality.

5. AVG-compliant

Since May 2018, consumers have the right to view, correct or delete their customer data. These GDPR regulations pose major challenges for many organizations as the customer data is stored in different databases across various departments.

A Customer Data Platform (CDP) uses a cleansing engine that can link, deduplicate and verify the data of one person. In that 360-degree customer profile, all permissions regarding the tracking and application of personal data are centrally recorded, so that you as an organization always comply with the GDPR rules.

A range of new marketing opportunities

The data from separate data systems are combined in the Nominow Customer Data Platform and lead to a complete 360 degree customer view. That individual profile leads to a range of new marketing opportunities. For example, think of:

  • personalization that allows you to create seamless and relevant product promotions;
  • a higher customer value, because the Customer Data Platform helps you to gain structurally more profit from customer contact;
  • data-driven experiments that determine which communication best results in a higher conversion rate.

In addition, the Customer Data Platform recognizes which channel preferences customers have and you effortlessly expand the relationship with them to that coveted ambassadorship

Invest in your customers with a Nominow Customer Data Platform (CDP), not in time and money

Strictly speaking, a Customer Data Platform should no longer be missing from the toolbox of a contemporary company. After just a few weeks you can start with the first personalized product promotions, without huge investments in time and money. Result: by building a relationship with your customers, they become ambassadors for your brand.

Want to know more about the Nominow Customer Data Platform? Download the product sheet below or make an appointment directly with one of our specialists.

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