Why Nominow?

Nominow CDP operates as an open system and ensures that customer profiles are updated in real-time across the rest of your tech stack, such as email applications and marketing automation platforms. This allows you to immediately gain more value from your existing systems.

Points to consider when selecting a Customer Data Platform

Functionality and flexibility

Nominow functions as an open system with a headless architecture. This prioritises flexibility and enables easy integration into your current tech stack. The functionalities of the system can be easily tailored to what is essential for you.
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Data quality and management

Nominow automates the detection and resolution of duplicates, reduces inconsistencies, and manages data privacy and security. This allows you to make data work for you and focus on what truly matters: providing the ultimate customer journey.

Usability and scalability

Most CDPs require development capabilities within the organization. To address this limitation, Nominow has designed a drag-and-drop flow builder that is easy to use for marketers. This reduces the dependency on technical resources within your organization. You can rely on our platform to scale with your business, whether you have 100 thousand or 10 million customers.
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Which type of Customer Data Platform is right for you?

Nominow is a REAL Customer Data Platform. This type of CDP is mainly intended to structure the customer data in the customer's backend and IT systems. It links all customer data sources together at the back and structures all that data in real time in the backend.

Why marketers & IT love us

For marketers

More effective and smarter marketing campaigns thanks to reliable data from one central customer profile. You want that too, don't you?

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For IT

As a developer, being able to code flows yourself via drag and drop, forming the foundation for the journeys devised by marketing. You want that too, don't you?

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Real-time insights

Based on your goals and challenges, your dashboard is customized accordingly. The dashboard includes visualizations of this data, allowing you to quickly and easily have a real-time overview of all relevant customer data. This helps you gain insights and make informed decisions based on the data presented in the dashboard.
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Customer Profiles

Nominow builds an individual customer profile from the data of your linked (legacy) systems. In a customer profile you can find data about the demographic data of a customer, but also data that arises from the interaction with your systems. This data can then be used for segmentation.
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Personalize your content with smart segmentations

Nominow gives you the option to compose customer groups (segments) based on user characteristics and behaviour. These groups are updated in real time and you can then use them for data analysis and personalization.
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Data cleansing

Nominow automatically deduplicates your customer data from your linked (legacy) systems, creating an accurate customer profile. But when the system doubts whether the data is duplicated, the judgment rests with the user of Nominow. This way you always have control over your data.
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